“On the other hand Communism failed miserably- mainly because of our (human) natural tendency to be…
Mateo D

I do not know how much Arthur C Clark have you read but a part of what we are talking about has been so beautifully dealt with in “The Songs of Distant Earth”… Even with the best of conditions and the best of nurture, it takes very little for our nature to start kicking in.

AS for capitalism: thanks to the “free market” and the fact that the expression has become interconnected with “democracy” and “globalization” and moved from an economy to the political field it has gone the way communism and others have- a good idea gone horribly wrong . A system whose inherent way of functioning is such that it funnels all the resources upwards should have never been put into practice. But now that it has we have to get rid of it, unless we want tfor our children and grandchildren to become, literal, slaves. This is not some conspiracy theory but simple math. It is a process which starts with the promise of everyone living their dream and ends up with a nightmare.

Yes it seems a bit more civilized, ,it is not about killing people en-mass at home, it is about doing it abroad, and the living standards are better. But it is not that there is less dying being done- it is just that the ones who are doing it are not the citizens, and even when they do it , it is the volunteers, people with contracts doing their job , not choiceless draftees. Out of sight, out of mind- for as long as the gas is affordable and there is an endless choice of distractions. But even this setup is unsustainable on the long-run, and it was not supposed to be. It is, literary, designed to take us back to a society which will seem like feudal times on steroids.

Remember when a couple of years ago when the story broke out about how 34 of the wealthiest people in the world have the same amount of wealth as the bottom 50% of the population of entire world.

Well, 40 years ago the same distribution of wealth was between the bottom 50% and over 600 hundred of the richest. 25 years ago, it was down to a couple of hundred. IN the early 2000-s it was already 60-something and now it is down to 8!!!

And what do you think is coming next? Very soon that number is going to stabilize while the headlines will start saying: “The richest 6 have the same amount of wealth as the bottom 60% of the population.” …Then it will become 68% of the population, , 72% of the population…..

Even now the balance of power between governments and individual entities and corporations is fucked up. What do you think will happen when it moves even further in the wrong direction? When they own so much and become so powerful that they will not even have to hide behind the curtains and play the games they currently do to achieve their goals.

Worst of all,just like everyone else, they will leave their wealth to their children. And their children to their children….

And what are we going to leave to ours?

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