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I generally tend to believe the science … and the number leave no doubt- teh globe is warming up.. and there is a climate change. But after a whole lot of reserach I am coming to think that behind all of this “denier” “accepter” (or whatever the expression is… there is a much deeper issue…. and that is teh one no one is dealing with… I am talking about the fact that the deniers are right in some aspects of their insanity and that a whole ot of people are not being fully informed on the global warming issue.

for starters- and this has been proven over and over again.. we are talking about a climate change in the entire solar system- all of the planets are experiencing a slight shift on pair with teh one we are documenting on earth (Just check NASA-s charts)…. so, there has to be more to the story than simply “CO2” in the atmosphere…

then there is the CO2 itself

After hearing so much about so many things from the deniers i deiced to do some research of my own and it ended up that they are right about a lot of the politic involved in the thing…

It is true that Margaret Thacher sponsored the research against CO2 in the time of coal-mining strikes in britain…. It is true that a lot of the early models were purposefully flawed in order to cause more panic (Anyone remember al Gore-s movie… according to him arctic should have melted 5 years ago)…

then there is the fact that for the past two decades anyone who wanted to get any sponsorship in many fields had to have something about climate change.. even worse, in order top get the funding- the findings , were generally accepted to be along the accepted line — The world is warming up and it is because of the CO2 and the fossil fuels….

which of course was produced….

but at the same time I noticed that a whole of of these funding did come from energy companies or people connected to energy (like the Rockefeller who suddenly sold all their interests in oil)….

I dunno guys.. but the more research I do.. and the more I spread my sources… the more and more am I convinced that in all of this there is something quite important they are not telling us

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