Perception is everything.
Mara Segal

I have seen so many people make this exact mistake… I am actually surprised when I run into an opinion which makes sense (like this one)…

fofr starters.. none of us know how our actions, deeds and whatever it is that we are doing will end up in the future- one of us may have been trying to fix a garage door and started a technological revolution… the other spent a lifetime trying to do something meaningful and was forgotten 3 minutes after he died….

these are the kind of things we have no effect or influence upon… ( I can not help but remember George W Bush, in an interview 2 years after he left the white house saying “ I do not care how history will remember me… we will all be dead by then) … and we never will

What we can do… is try and live our lives the best possible way that we can… do our work the best possible way that we can…. and do our best to know that we have made enemies out of all the bastards deserving to be our enemies….

and hope, that one of the things we did might end up on the radar a couple of decades after we are gone

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