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I might get there…. As I said, I am still experimenting and figuring things out… one of those is actually my writing — well, not the writing per se- more like I am experimenting with the process ( I am enjoying the fact that every single piece I wrote here was basically improv- I write as i think and do not go back to check, re-check and edit ( I do enough of that with the stories I work on daily)

I really doubt that I could have much more time to engage with more people,- even on medium I simply log-in when I have 10–20 minutes in between bouts of work

on the other hand( I think I told you this) I like what I saw om Writer beat and I am happy you thought my text belongs there. which is also why I said that you can publish whatever you like out of my work — just let me know)

Also- it just hit me- I would really appreciate it if you would tell me if you saw something in my writing that you think I could have done better — I am not promising I will change stuff automatically- but I do love constructive criticism