As you requested, before I address your initial argument.
Eyal Katz

I never said that Israel is “the root of all evil”… as you put it — if anything else, I am one of the few people of this side of the argument who actually understands (and respects) the Israeli right/need to protect itself and it’s population…. and, above all, Israel, just like any normal country, has to keep the safety of it’s citizens first. And, understandably, after WWII — Israel can not allow any sign of weakness, and it will do everything it can so that nothing like that happens again to it’s people.

so, no, I do not see Israel as some evil monster … although the colonies thing is a bit too much — — I am from kosovo, and I have lived through the occupation (Well, I grew up in it) and we ad the same thing with Belgrade giving lands and jobs and …everything, to those willing to come down here and “settle”…. the reason, just like in the W BAnk, is simple…. once you have people living in a territory for a few years (Or a generation) … you start claiming the entire thing as yours ( and you seem to understand how they cut up the West Bank with those colonies… only about 1/3rd of the entire territory can now be used by Palestinians) ….. These people have spent decades watching their land getting taken step, by step, meter by meter and without any possibility to do something about it

And I also understand how strong the settler (Ultra nationalist) lobby is in Israel, which is what makes it so difficult for many politicians, even those who do want to lower the tensions , to do anything- unless they want to loose, not just the votes- but the support of the entire system… but, that lobby could not have the power it has if it didn’t have the support of a large part of the population — so, you have to admit that there are a lot of your compatriots who do not think the way you do- but who believe that they have “the natural right if expansion” — through the lands of other people… just look at the Bedouins in the Negev desert…. they are getting it worse than the Palestinians.

On a personal note, when I saw the W Bank for the first time, I had the impression I was back home in mid-90}S… same atmosphere of tension, soldiers doing “random checks” and house searches, arbitrary arrests … an entire strategy designed to keep the population in constant state of tension and fear… I have seen how some of the soldiers feel uncomfortable with the situation and what are they doing — but I have also seem others who were enjoying all of it and who were molesting people just because they could

And, you are absolutely right about the Palestinian authorities, the ones in the west bank are nothing more than tel-aviv stooges who will accept and do whatever it takes for them to stay in power and rip some more money off their own people…. as for Gaza…. Hamas (You are right again) mainly cares and deals with keeping their own population “in check” — usually through fear. Now… there is the question would Hamas ever come to where it is if the people in Gaza had any other choice. AS I said before, I know how a population that feels endangered functions… they gather around the one who seems to be promising them a chance for something better- even if it is through violence since, let’s be honest, after 3 generations of things getting worse and worse , the hope for any kind of a peaceful deal is lost — -

SO it is sort of a catch 22 kind of a thing… the measures Israel takes to protect it’s population, and I am not talking just about the patrols, walls etc…. but the collective punishments, the destruction of homes of families whose one member got caught throwing rocks at a tank, thousands upon thousands being kept in prisons often for no other reason than because they are related to someone …. none of it makes Israel safer… those things are creating new generations of enemies, young boys growing up with their fathers, uncles, brothers imprisoned/// seeing entire families or their friends being blown up by a mis-guided air strike … and without any hope that it will be different for them. In their heads, there is only one thing to do — — they say “I am going to get killed, but maybe my death, and the deaths of others around me will make things better for those who will come after us” … And I am very much convinced that the authorities are aware of that… they need the Palestinians to be the bad guys (At least for the Israeli public) … they need the “threat”… just like Hamas does… in order to justify a whole lot of things to the Israeli and the international public…. I am willing to make a bet that if, the “threat….” suddenly stopped existing, most of the power groups is israeli politics would loose their base in an instant… just like it actually suits the settlers to, on occasion, shoot a palestinian villager or two, then the rest opf the villagers react, throw rocks…. or someone maybe even gets to take a pot-shot at a settler… automatic justification for everything that will happen afterwards to the village.

And it gets even worse….

From where I am standing, it is not just Hamas and the P authorities — the entire arab world has not just failed, but it has been using the Palestinians and their plight for decades- and for their own internal interests…. they have become a card that a lot of countries pull out when they need it- but none of them does anything to help …. For me, the Arab countries are much more to blame for the suffering of Palestinians than Israel. ( Jordan still wants to take over the entire west bank- just like Israel… and none of them want to do it for the Palestinians…… Plus there is an added bonuis that whenever they want to attack israel about anything- al they have to do is mention palestinians

Again, yes… mos Palestinians, Israelis, Syrians, People in CAR, Ukraine….. everywhere, just want to be allowed to live in peace and take care of their families — — but most are not allowed to do so.

Thing is that, you are very much right about it, Israel has become some sort of a boogeyman on the international scene (Thnx to your politicians) … and that is bad, and unnecessary ( as well as, in a large part) untrue — — but if Tel aviv continues in this direction, it will remain a boogeyman, even worse- it will erase the suffering of JEwish people through centuries “Look they are doing the same thing to the Palestinians as the NAzis did to them — they are the same”… which can not be further from the truth…. People have by now forgotten that suicide bombers (As we know them) were first used by the PLO to kill Israeli civilians, through the actions of Israel, Arafat has become a hero who was fight8ing for the freedom of his people from an evil oppressor- not the first idiot to send brainwashed kids to blow themselves up among civilians

It is a bad situation, which is only going to get worse, if it goes on like this, TEl aviv will (In a decade or so) loose all credibility as well as most of the support on the international scene- and that would be catastrophic since we both know that there are enough countries around you who are only waiting for you to weaken up a bit

In a way, the palestinian Issue has become a sword hanging above ISrael, and if not solved in a quick and efficient manner… meaning, finding something that will would give them real hope in a better futuire… things are going to get worse and worse….

Which, the way I see it, is quite a shame since, these things aside, Israel is a great place, and it has wonderful people who do not deserve to be seen with the same eye as the Nazis or N Koreans