Death by Muscle
Oliver Lee Bateman

It comes down to one thing….. use, abuse and over-use of anabolic steroids, growth hormones etc….. And when we are talking about professional body builders- most, if not all of them, are either using them- or have used them at some point in their career — —

and, despite of what they claim, it is impossible to be on the current international body bui9lding stage without using something that will give you “an edge” …… and it starts real early… right when the boys start lifting weights- some of them will start using something, and show excellent results in the short to medium run… enough for the others, who are not using, to start thinking “If I do not do it .. I will never be able to keep up with them” — —

even if you do it under doctor’s supervision and under controlled circumstances… the damage will build up in your body through years.. now, add to that the general strain of of high intensity, heavy weights, training… and you have a perfect recipe for a heart attack (at the least)

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