One Behavior Separates The Successful From The Average
Benjamin P. Hardy

It wouldn’t be right to comment about myself personally….. but, in my life thanks to many circumstances and the work I have been doing ( as well as the few stints as some sort of a rock-star) … I have had the privilege to meet and get to know some very, very successful people- some of those whose “success stories” are published internationally

there has been only one defining characteristic between them- and the ones who never made it

I have never seen a truly successful person read books, essays, articles.. or anything else which supposedly advises you on how to become successful. None of them ever wasted their time on imagining how things would be if…. or spent hours upon hours reading cliches and suggestions which, besides looking good on paper, have no practical value

If anything- this post is right about one thing — successful people are doers- and that is what separates them- I will make everyone here a to 1 bet that no one who reads this post, or my reply hoping that they will get some insight in what they are doing wrong , will ever be successful…. the ones who will succeed are not burning energy on reading what I wrote

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