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LOL_ what’s the rush????

Kidding. I was thinking about it (& also I just dragged myself home) …

I do not have any kind of typical on-line presence (I was always an old-school kind of a journo- the usual MSM, radio print TV). I literally stumbled onto medium by accident through something I was reading on War is Boring about 3 months ago.t Then I somehow got involved in one discussion, logged in with a google account, then I saw a few more articles I really liked, wrote a few replies and… About the End of the year I got an email saying I am one of the top ten writers on Medium- so only then I decided to check what Medium is (not too proud of that part) I am still figuring out what is what and how things function.

(I know there was absolutely no need for that story I just thought it might be fun to tell it)

Now, I did really like the stuff I managed to check out on Writer Beat and I am really happy to have something I wrote up there (And if there is anything else you like- please, just send me a link)

I am just not certain that I will have the time to engage with another group of people… but in any case, it probably can not hurt to give it a try, so just use the one I use here

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