What will be your Legacy?
Soham Dutta

My legacy…… (at least the way I would like to see it, what I have been working for all of this time)…. should at least come down to an epythaph saying “this one never lied….” (trust me a rarity in a journalistic business….

actually I am lying….. years ago I did a few things that the kids who are growing up after I have done them, still, come to me asking about what, if it wasn’t for them… I would have already forgotten…. they say that what me and the few of my friends did back then is the reason why they are able to o what they are doing today….

maybe simple, maybe not enough….

but, the way I see things, if these kids are still interested in playing the songs I wrote, if they keep coming (on average) every 3 years (I suppose a new generation at the University) saying that something I forgot about kept them going or that it was a refrain, or a lyric, or a riff which I came up with that gave them an answer to whatever their question was….

I suppose I could have done worse legacy wise

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