On Journalism’s High Cost of Entry
Wudan Yan

nice post….

I have been doing this for over 2 decades now (and in some of the most demanding surroundings on the globe).. and I can tell you that the difficulties you have been facing are the same everywhere — and there are several factors to it

For starters, there is an endless number of people getting into journalism for all the wrong reasons- mainly because they think it is some sort of a glamorous job (god knows how many idiots who wanted to do this because they might show up on TV i dealt with in my lifetime) -or, because they think it pays well.. and both of these beliefs are wrong….

I am not gong to get into the mechanics of this but , I have to say that from what I saw in your writing, you are on the right track. ( I would ease off on personal opinions but- that is just me) — — The moment you start talking about who bad, unpaid and generally suffocating this job is- but you still continue doing it- you have joined the club… I mean, the one which consists of all of us, all over the globe, who are doing it for reasons other than pay of fame

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