So you’re saying women are less capable and not that men are often in positions of power and don’t…
Lauren Parker

No no no no… you are so wrong here….. I am the actual opposite- I know how capable women are- when they want to be

My team has 8 members- 4 of them are women — two of those women are the only ones I trust to do the job right. If I am in the field- they are the ones I truest with my life…. And they are the ones for whom I risked my ass more than once — IT has nothing to do with their gender- but with how good they are at what they do and how trustworthy they are

But, and you can not deny this, there are a whole lot of women who do not do their job well (just as there are a lot of men) — or who are not as good painters, writers, musicians… who instead of admitting what is wrong — simply blame men or “the world of men….” for not accepting a lower-quality products

sort of like affirmative action — If women are better candidates- then 100% of the team should be made out of women… but I see no reason whz would a worse candidate get a job just because she belongs to a certain gender…. that is what equality should be about — same chances, and same difficulties for everyone

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