Wooooooow that is some victim blaming bullshit.
Lauren Parker

nope — pure precaution…… I know people, and I generally do not trust them before they prove they can be trusted — and leaving someone with materials I do not want published (even creating those materials) is something that no one with an ounce of brain should be doing.

If there is anything I earned in all this time of media work it is that if a document, a recording or a vidoe exists somewhere- it will become public sooner or later, It is just the way these things are

Now- I , myself was not immune from the temptation of seeing myself “in action” — — you know how I went about it — connected the camera to the monitors, so that I could see what is happening if I wanted to- but never, ever record or take a single snapshot that can be found later

again… I am not trying to take away the responsibility of the individual who did it (revenge porn, for example has been as damaging to ne as it was to women — and a whole ot of women have been posting stuff too) — but, by telling people that they can do whatever they y feel like- that they are free to engage whomever- however and that there will be no consequences to it is actually setting them up to become victims tomorrow or the day after… By telling them to actually think about what they are doing and who are they doing it with — — you may end up saving others in the future

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