Whoa…wait a minute.
Ana Frusinoiu

now we are getting there…..

No, I do not equate that to any wave, or feminism at all — — but that is exactly the image of the new “feminists” … which are generally doing much more damage to women in general than good- but that is a different story

They have nothing to do with the women who were fighting to prove there are no gender limits — MY grandmother was the first female railroad engineer in Ex-Yugo… You can imagine her stories from when she was building railroads in the late 40-s and giving orders to thousands of men who were still fresh out of WWII….

MY mother fought in her own way…. that is a very long story for another time

But none of them expected anything to be handed over to them just because they are women…. which is the impression that the “feminists” we are talking about are giving out these days….. what they wanted is what every living person should have.. a chance to prove themselves- the same chance any man would have ( A lot of these feminists also seem to forget the amount of fighting every man has to do to achieve anything in the society, yet none of us are saying “I deserve it just because I am a man” ) … no more, no less….

No what you get is filling obligatory quotas for women in government structures etc…. Hey, if they do the job better than men- have 100% of our governments female…. ( I just remembered- Kosovo also had the first female president of the Balkans) … but I do not want anyone getting anything they did not deserve, based on their gender… male or female….

Look- I worked with women all of my life, I have more trust in the women in my team than men- actually the only two persons I, literally, trust with my life (when I have to) are women… But do not do it because they are women, or because one of them happens to be a friend whom I have known since we were like 10, but with the fact that they do their job better than any other man or woman I work with….

Hmm… interesting thing with boys who do not like cats and young men who do not like women……… Honestly, I do not have enough info to analyze that at all- but how often have you seen it?

AS for the picture….. well, the avatar does look a bit like me ( I also often have some sort of a beard)…. plus- my name is Luan, which is the Albanian word for lion… so it works….

Now let me add on some more details, 188cm tall, about 80kg … ( Sort of like a cross between David vincent and James Hatfield in the early 90-s :))) Just with no tatoos

OK… I have been thinking about this for a while.. now I simply have to ask you (Since you do seem to be coming back to it a lot)…. Sorry, I might have misread you, but you do not strike me as the type who, despite the claim, “never wanted to have children”…..

What happened?

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