The Real Housewives of the U.S.S.R.

People have been having sex forever…. people have been morally policing the sex in public, while breaking every “moral” norm in private forever…. People have been doing what people do and they will keep doing it… it doesn’t matter east, west, north or south

There is no reliable mechanism on measuring any of these things…. Maybe my wive’s grandmother who never finished the 4th grade had better sex with her husband (who managed to go to the 6th) than my wife and me..or maybe, the grandmother just thinks so since she has nothing to compare her experiences with ….. it is all subjective, messy… just the way it should be when we are talking about something this human

One of my great- great uncles managed top live to be over 100…. no one knew exactly how old he was… but he still remembered the Ottoman times. Short before he died ( early 2001) me and a few other cousins were joking around and someone asked the old guy about how it was like when he was young…. I still remember him saying ( they FUc…d under the Turks, they fu..d, under “the kingdom” , Under the Germans, they fucked under Tito, after him… and they still are…. the only difference is that some times people are fucking more openly, at others they hide it….. but everyone has been doing the same thing ever since I remember

what I am interested in is how much time, money and energy is wasted on “research” on this, and similar subjects , which would be better suited somewhere else? How many idiotic or simply useless studies are funded and conducted while hundreds or thousands of others- which might actually help humanity, can not be done because of the lack of funding and/or interest

( same thing… IF an article about resource inequality or particle physics got as many reads as an article that has the words “female” and “orgasm” in the title … the scientists would be having a blast.. and we might as well have been cancer-free by now)

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