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Q. was found dead in his apartment this morning, although there is no official cause of death the media are already speculating about a possible drug overdose as well as going through the long list of organizations and individuals who have been threatening Q for at least the past 17 years.

Although he was generally known as an overbearing bastard with extremely low tolerance for stupidity on a personal level- During the (more than) 2 decades spent working for the media he did manage to get a decent support base and create a name which became synonymous with “real” information- even in well publicized cases in which he ended up arrested, tried, and even banned from several countries whose authorities did not like what he had to report about them.

Besides the media work- he will also be remembered for his contributions to the regional music scene as well as his adventures in producing films.

At least, this is how I think I would like it to look if I woke up dead tomorrow… although, in all likeness, my obituary would read something like

“Q. Died this morning. Good riddance party starts at 20 00 hours in front of his house”

On another note- I love your idea…. It made me think

I wonder how many of us would change the way we act and do things if we knew we will die tomorrow. Maybe by writing our own Obit’s we might get moving on doing things we keep pushing back

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