I once heard a Medical Intuitive give an account of her attending a seminar put on by a Buddhist.
Mara Segal

the other day I was in a discussion with, similar elements… well, it was about success, and I wrote what I found success to be… then.. tdy there was another one about legacy… since both seem apllicable, hope you guys don’t mind if I sot of paste parts of both… (since I am too lazy to re-type).. I

“For me, success, was never about how high on any kind of corporate, organizational, social, media… ladder you can climb or what kind of acronyms are there in front of your name when they print it…

It was about having the freedom ( luxury) to do my work the best possible way I can, with as little ( meaning none ) interference as possible. Simply having a fat paycheck (no matter how fat) or a position/title when you are dependent and working under orders is not enough. At least, it was never enough for me.

It is probably true everywhere but it seems most obvious to me in the media world- the only way to keep doing the stories and the subjects you want to be doing is not move up that classical “success” ladder — the moment you are off the research- out of the field, the second you take anchor/editor/supervisor positions you are moving away from reporting and over to thinking about company policies… there is no way in hell you will ever have the pure freedom to do what you believe you should be doing.

Through the years, I worked with a whole lot of media on all sorts of formats. Only once was I young enough and stupid enough to take an offer and be responsible not for one but for 2 newspaper teams: Never again! As an editor who had 2, 7 person teams coming up with anything from 5 to 9 pages every day (depending on the day) I had less Independence and chance to do what I wanted to do than the 20 year old photo apprentice ….

and, in my line of work.. that is not a way to feel good about what you are doing

My idea of success…

In over 2 decades of doing this there is not one single word I have said or published anywhere behind which I would not fully stand today, and furthermore it is known…. I have been threatened, arrested, shot at, kicked, punched, offered insane amounts of money or crazy gifts just to say or forget saying one thing or another. I have stood before more people whom I knew for certain would not forgive the smallest twist of truth than I can remember- and the simple fact that I never did had always kept a lot of doors open for me. When we meet, I make it clear that I am going to show/tell about everything that I see- that is what I am there for.

Because of that I can do the stories I want to do (Depending on the budget restrains of the house of course) , how I want to do them (Literally, I even do the video/audio editing) and they get to the biggest possible audience in the country without anyone even taking a look at one word I have written in the script, or listening to one word I have said before it goes on-air …

the only thing I have to abide by is time… they tell me how mush do I have… and is is fully up to me ( and fully upon me when the shit hits the fan) how I fill it

Funny thing is that because of that I also get one of the lowest pay-levels… but hey….

Or am I wrong”

And then… there was the legacy discussion

“ My legacy…… (at least the way I would like to see it, what I have been working for all of this time)…. should at least come down to an epythaph saying “this one never lied….” (trust me a rarity in a journalistic business….

actually I am lying….. Suppose I have done a few things that most poeple would think they should be prud of… but

Years ago I was a very active musician, we had one hell of a band that functioned great for about 6–7 years and then it ended up with one of those rock&roll suicide cliche..s

the only reason I haven’t completely forgottej about it is because kids, on regular intervals ( with every new generation picking up instruments) come to me asking can they have the permission to cover this or that song and, from time to time saying that what me and the few of my friends did back then to have a bit of fun and let out some steam is the reason why they are able to o what they are doing today….

maybe simple, maybe not enough….

but, the way I see things, if these kids are still interested in playing the songs I wrote, saying that something I forgot about kept them going or that it was a refrain, or a lyric, or a riff which I came up with that gave them an answer to whatever their question was…. ( although.. believe me.. none of that was intended to answer anything) …

I suppose I could have done worse legacy wise

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