Why Corbyn is right about terrorism
Owen Jones

there is another thing or two to take into account in all of this….. Europe is not suddenly and for the first time, faced with the problem of angry young men finding an ideology that suits their momentary need for violence. In the 19-th century, it would have been the anarchists, in the 20-th the communists… remember the Red brigades etc??? how many people were killed by “leftist” ideology groups in the 70-s and 80s???

Remember the football hooligans that were killing each other on the stands of football stadiums in the name of a club????? Or gangs of skinheads attacking — well….. anyone they did not like

Thing is that it seems that every generation , no matter what, will have a certain number of young men who, for various reasons, feel the need to prove something through violence ( both outwards- and internally) - and the more violent things are- the better it suits them… If it isn’t Jihad, they will find another war, movement, ideology to be violent about- terrorism itself, and the reasons given by ISIS and similar groups are a perversion of Islam and have nothing to do with religion…. the “recruits” join because they know they will get a chance to excersize whatever their violent dreams are about…. if it did not so happen that the Western policies have caused what they caused…. almost all, if not all, of the “islamic terrorists” ( Remember, I am talking about the Europeans and the westerners who have decided to join the fight… not the people from the countries where the wars are actually happening- they have different motivations) would have found something else to drive them and justify ( to themselves) the violence…. If they wouldn’t have been doing it in the name of Allah, they would have in the name of Mickey Mouse….

This being written, I have to add that, (although I do agree in most cases) , just like with justifying, you can not put all terrorists in the same basket when condemning….

Although it may not appear so to you, there is a difference between a kid from europe who decided that his/her violent impulses are best suited if they join ISIS…. and someone who joins them after, for example, they had half of their family blown up in front of them as “collateral damage”… Or a 20 year old Iraqi from Anbar province who has not known anything but death destruction and violence (And from where he stands the only one to blame for all of it is the West…. not just the politicians, or the military- but EVERYONE… for him, each and every westerner who at first speaks of the good that comes from democracy (or the free market- for most it is the same) and then , when asked about the foreign policies says “it is not me it is my government” is nothing but a lying hypocrite.. since, let’s face it… if the voters were so much against the wars, and against of what has been being done in their name for decades, they would not keep voting for the ones who are sending the planes which drop the bombs that killed his loved ones… The only time when the westerners actually started to care about what is happening, is when a few bombs came close to home…. while they were falling thousands of kilometers away, and killing “others” , it was not on their radar at all…

A few hours ago I wrote this

honestly now… where are all the emotional out poors which would have come if there was one person killed in Brussels or London- let even over 300 (and rising)

do not think that the rest of the world doesn’t see it…. the reactions of the everyday ordinary people that follow every western death compared to the utter silence when it comes to the deaths of everyone else….

And no, I am not saying that the ones who commit atrocities are not to blame for their actions, they are as responsible for every death they cause as is a bored European kid who decided to join “the jihad” ( I am a firm believer in personal responsibility, and you are right about it — — a lot of people who were molested as kids grow up as perfectly normal human beings… the ones who start molesting themselves are as responsible for their actions as someone who was never molested) - ….. But there are always a few more variables to these kind of equations…and a few of them are usually ignored

Like the fact that, unless the citizens of the “civilized” west , start understanding how many things are done in their name, and with their blessing — ( IF you are not stopping it- then you are supporting it- that is the logic being used by recruiters) — they are going to keep being surprised when the violence they did not care about while it was being exported , often with their name on it , comes back to haunt them

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