I disagree entirely.
James Roy Poulter

There is something in what you are saying about the system needing to improve- but, (and I am saying this again)- that is also a way to avoid personal responsibility- which, the way I see things, is always there- no matter what …

You see, a political system, an insane leader, a religious figure.. or whatever “authority” you have that tells you what to do- is there — but at the end of the day the decision to act or not act upon anything is purely individual, the thing is- that most “average” individuals are actually quite willing (and sometimes very happy to act) to do all sorts of really ugly things, for as long as they have a way out- someone or something to put the blame upon…. If nothing else, the milgram experiment has proven it countless times….humans, overall are cowards- and most of us are quite ready to torture, maim and kill hundreds of other people- in order to save our own butts- actually most of us are willing to do it the moment we can place responsibility on someone else, we do not need to feel threatened, endangered, or whatever all we need, in order to act upon our darkest impulses is someone (or the society in general) telling us we are free to do so.

And, as history has also proven countless times- wrongs are not simply punished… there is an endless number of examples where what was seen as wrong , or horrifying by one side, became a heroic deed on the other. ..

You see I am from the Balkans (Kosovo) and I have had the wonderful misfortune to spend most of my formative years (between 12 and 21) through the Balkan wars of the 90-s. I have seen both individuals who have committed horrible crimes, simply because they could- at the moment (their society was saying it is OK, actually preferable) and amazing feats of selfless heroism — — (And since I do what UI do… since then I have seen dozens of conflicts, and the humans involved in them are always facing the same choices)

at the end of the day it always came to the individual, and how will he/she react in a given situation — Even Nazi germany had an anti-nazi guerilla movement (not very successful but….) even when everyone around them fell for the Nazi ideology and teh idea of a 1000 year Reich ( Generally , all you have to do for a population to follow you- all you have to do is say “I am going to make yuo the rulers of the planet.. everyone follows) — there were individual willing to risk their lives, their families… everything, in order to stand for what is right… the only difference between them, and millions of other Germans at the time was the fact that these guys accepted the fact that we do own our actions and that what we do is upon us- no one else

the problem was that most other people do not have that kind of strength , or honesty — they were all very happy to follow a leader who is killing millions of “others” for as long as the war is being won.. the moment they start loosing it- the same people who were vocal supporters start saying “I was made to do so….” , “The society pushed me….”

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