Saddam Hussein Seriously Feared a U.S. Nuclear Strike During the Gulf War
War Is Boring

there were quite a few reports of desert storm veterans- especially the ones that went up to the border between Kuwait and Iraq… saying that the US actually did use some nuclear weapons during the operations-- from what I gathered, they seem to have been testing “tactical warheads” — very small yields, designed to destroy one single position or fortification- some of the stories go as far as to say that some Us units were given “mini nukes”- basically RPG-s with small warheads on top to be used against tanks or extremely well fortified bunkers

Then- there are all these stories of US veterans who, after the air force did their ob, wen into the bombed positions to check the situation- in deeper bunkers they always reported the same thing- discovering bodies of iraqi soldiers who had no visible wounds — but their skin seems to have turned orange ( from what I gather a sudden burst of radiation will not make yoru skin orange- but there are too many of these stories coming from people who served in different areas

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