The authoritarian left are communists, which is where the state owns and operates everything.
Aloha Spud

true — but that is the way Americas are conditioned to think…..

I mean, I have never seen a place where so many poeple will turn against you so fast (And start calling you a communist) the moent you say that there is nothing wrong with free healthcare and education….

It serves the purpose…..

ever since WWII there has been one mantra repeated to the US voter Communism=bad… Capitalism=good … and they have taken it tpo heart fully….

And it doesn’t matter that 90% do not even understand that there is a world of difference between socialism, liberal democracy and communism…. which is why they are completely blind to everything besides what they have been programmed to think….

I am not joking about this — a whole lot of Americans, on both sides of the left-right divide — have turned “Americanism” (for the lack of better word) into a religion… and the moment you point out at what is wrong with it — you are a communist, brainwashed, or simply a stupid idiot….

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