What’s Behind The Man Behind The Curtain
Caitlin Johnstone

truth be told I am not worried about the overpopulation….. they said we will run out of resources when we hit 1 billion, then we came up with ways to produce more food… they said the same when we hit 2 billion — and we found ways to produce even more food…. we will adapt, and survive

What worries me is something else…. the way the combination of “free market” and “democracy” which has been exported to the entire planet is setting us up for global return to feudal times. (Add to that the way they have divided the entire planet between “us and “them” and the conditions are perfect)

The math is simple…. as you so nicely pointed out, the entire economic system is built in such a way that it only appears that there is a level playing field, when in fact it has been designed to constantly push more and more resources towards fewer and fewer individuals….

what is it now- three months, since they calculated that about 36 people own as much as 50% of the planet? that number was about 260 people 12 years ago, over 2 000 20 years ago etc….

So, how long do you think will pass before everything is, one way or another, owned by several super-corporations? What happens then? The corporations are run by a few poeple on top — those poeple will own the worplaces, the places we stay, the places we eat in… the rest of us will depend on them for jobs, security and everything else….

to make it worse, since these are private individuals, they will (naturally) leave their resources to their children, whole the rest will leave their children with debt…. so it is straight back to the relationship between the lords and the serfs

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