The Nazi Delusion Fantasy
Austin Frank

Well, for one thing.. “ISlamic terrorists” — have become over-used — they need some new boogey-man… The communists are long gone…. anarchists never really were a threat… Muslims have been used to scare americans for too long now- after about 20 years it seems that most US citizens figured out that if no “camel Jockey” smuggled himself into the states with the sole purpose of hiding underneath their bed and scarring them at night most likely they will mnever do it

SO, what is left… use an old name “nazis” , a new group of loud but generally useless idiots, and make them into an all-encompassing threat with which you will keep the population busy for a while…..

In the truly wonderful documentary “rise of the politics of fear” (whomever hasn’t seen it — it is a must) ….. BBC does a great job in explaining how and why some of “the elites” create enemies for the average American- in order to keep things in check — Ideally the enemy is a weak actor who is no match for the US — but will be pumped up to appear as some sort of a giant monster ( This is pure theory of literature… the bigger the monster- the more heroic it’S destruction) — for example Saddam in 2003…. and if there are no real enemies around- one can be created

Now , considering how gullible and how constantly afraid most of the average US voters still are, a.. projecting a new threat is sooooo easy- and people are generally ready to jump on every new “threat” that is mentioned

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