This part confuses me.
Eyal Katz

Well, for starters, it might be because the Palestinian actions (although some of them were sheer terror attacks which can not be condoned in any circumstances ) — were actions taken our of desperation, as a direct result of oppression which they have been enduring for decades….

In case you have failed to notice… there were no “terrorist” attacks before the late 60-s early 70-s….

Oh, sorry, there were… during 1947 israeli terrorists blew up a hotel full of british soldiers while the para-military units of Israelis were “cleansing” entire villages of Palestinian civilians…. Al Naqba- ever heard the expression

Now, tell me, what do you think pushes a mother of four children to strap a suicide vest and blow herself up…. do you think she does it for glory… opr a bad case of PMS — — — or did the Israeli government made her life( and everyone else s in occupied territories) such a horror- that she is actually thinking that her death, and the deaths of others- might, at the end, bring something better for those children of hers — since, if things are left as they are — those Palestinian kids, will end up like their parents, grandparents, etc….

So, if we accept Israeli-s right to defend itself against terror attack, or attacks by other countries (which is a natural right of everyone) …. why is it so difficult to accept that the Palestinians also have the right do defend themselves against Israeli oppression…. the only difference is- Palestinians do not have an army, or a possibility to get the equipment, training and weapons that Israel has….. so9, they use what theycan in order to fight back

And before you say anything… I have one question — Have you ever been to the west bank or Gaza…. have you seen how the Palestinians live, have you seen what the police ad the army do on daily bases? Have you actually witnessed the desperation of the people who have been forgotten in their plight for the past 3 generations- and without even a hint of hope that it mioght get better ….. (Only worse — with the on-going land grab)

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