(Or… the difference between the white victims and everyone else)

I have been wondering, two days since over 300 people were killed while hundreds of others maimed and injured in the biggest suicide attack to ever hit Somalia (which has had it’s share of blasts already) ….

where are all the posts that explain how horrified people were when they heard what happened??? Where are the outpourings of compassion that usually come after something happens in the western countries? What happened to all the Medium members that were writing such heart-breaking “compassionate” posts after attacks in Europe or the US ( even in cases that had one killed and two wounded) ……

How come no one is “feeling” for thousands of family members left without their loved ones in Somalia??? OR for hundreds of others who will spend their lives without limbs, or disfigured from the blast????

Why are you “feeling” so much more when the victims are white, or western…. while hundreds of dead in Africa are not worth a single paragraph — a minute of your time?

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