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Yeah.. it is much easier after the others have done the work…… like, for example ( I can see is in your description) a concept called “animal rights”…

IF you have mentioned the idea to anyone, let’s say, 70 years ago- how would they have reacted??!!! Most, if not all, of them would not even understand what is it that you are talking about… but through years, and decades, of work done by the people who actually believed in what they were saying- and were not afraid to fight for it ( OR simply say “hey, it is a cow- it is supposed to be slaughtered”).. where not afraid of being pronounced silly, or insane, for standing up and saying what they believed is the truth ….. They repeated, and repeated and repeated… until it started getting burned intro the general consciousness Now we have come to the point where Animal rights is, if nothing else, an idea which is understood by most of the planet- even if it is not supported ….

So, tell me now…. do you actually believe you would be able to even speak about animal rights ( OR even have the idea that there is such a concept)if there was not for the people who did not think the way you do? who did not say “Ohhh… it is the way it is and I can not change anything about it with my wining”???

Even more important

DO you actually want things to change for the ones that will come after you…. or, are you one of those characters who are only interested in themselves, their comfort, and … well, who cares what happens with the rest of the planet????