Most People Don’t Want Truth, They Want to Feel Intellectually and Morally Superior
Liz Wolfe

You are pretty much right. In over 20 years of reporting/journalism, I have seen it over and over again, in all sorts of situations, all over the world and on all levels… Despite of what they say, very few people were actually interested in hearing the truth — what mos want is a confirmation that their way of thinking is the right one…. Confirmation bias is so in-bread that it is not even noticed by most individuals — and the spread of “alternative” media and journalism is not helping the situation at all

With the rise in the ability of basically anyone to write and publish their view of things, and the thousands upon thousands of “sources” to choose from, people are choosing only the ones that already confirm what they believe in. Whenever an individual can point to an outside source and say “see they say it there too” — it creates a situation in which the truth quickly becomes almost unobtainable

And the rise in confirmation bias has been especially noticeable with the left… maybe it is because we are used to having the conservatives act out in semi/fascist manner , and not the ones who clam to be “liberal” and “progressive” .. but there seems to have been a bigger move towards looking for simple confirmation, not the truth, among the left then there was among the right.

If nothing else the US elections were an excellent example- the democrats/liberals were so certain in their victory that they kept reading, re-reading and writing and re-writing, the same positions and the same data- the ones that seem to predict a landslide for democrats- all the pro-democratic publications, media, portals kept doing the same thing, regurgitating the same information and offering it to the same audience (the ones who are going to vote democrat no matter what) — while patting each other on the backs saying ho well are they doing.

They were so engulfed in making themselves feel superior, that they have failed to realize that not all us voters live in large cities with multi cultural structures and that a very large number of them are not college educated middle class citizens who have been supporting liberal policies since they got into those colleges.

They have failed to notice all the other articles, essays, comments… even posts on forums, which were painting a picture in which the Democrats did not have that much of a lead overall and in which millions and millions of Americans made it very clear that they are being repulsed by the smugness of the democrats…

And then, after the elections were over, I ended up in dozens and dozens of conversations that went like:

“what happened???, how is it possible that He won? I can not believe that so many people decided to vote for him in the last moment!”

  • — -And, you are surprised???!!! Have you ever read one single article on a right-leaning website? Have you been following what your enemy is doing? what is he saying? how may people are listening to him?
  • “noooo. Why would I? I was reading all those things written by democrats for democrats which claimed that everyone was supporting us”
  • — — Yes- everyone who was reading the same things that you were. What about the rest?

You know guys, Huxley was right (Not Orvel)… this is exactly what we should have been afraid of. so many sources of information to choose from and so very few that can be relied upon even a bit have created this global situation where the truth can be found, but people are either going to stop looking for it. (They do not need the truth when they have all these other places which confirm what they were thinking on the first place) or they will get lost trying to figure out what is what and simply get lost