10 Book Recommendations For Adults…
James Altucher

You can not kill yourself and have no one know about it… if nothing else- you will know!!!

OK- I had to say that!

Now- I think I understand where you are coming from… I am also one of those characters who has been working since before high school and I have done a whole lot of things which often had nothing to do with each-other (A musician, teacher, film-maker, bartender, semi-professional fighter even e restaurant manager for a couple of months…) and, there was a point in my life that I thought it might be a bad thing. Fortunately I understood quickly that what I thought will be a hindrance, was actually very helpful. By doing all sorts of stuff- I learned all sorts of things…I never learned anything that didn't come in handy sooner or later.

What i am trying to say is do not look at the width of your interests as something bad- by being “A jack of all trades but a master of none” generally speaking you will have quite an advantage in whatever you do… (especially if you decide to keep writing )

You say “an adult who hasn’t accomplished anything yet…..” but to me it seems that you have actually done quite a lot. Unless you have some set idea on what is supposed to be success for you- you are doing much better than most people

As for the books — I do like your list,and I suppose that there is nothing in the world I respect more than the written word … but, i never actually found a book (or several) which might answer your questions. What you are going through is absolutely individual and there is no rule of thumb that applies to everyone. In reality, I have seen a lot of people try to find answers or solutions in all sorts of books — they ended up even more confused and lost…

Just keep doing whatever you feel suits you at the moment, do not push things or try to speed up processes. Sooner or later you will have that moment when it all suddenly fits in and you will see clearly how all those different things you have been doing were teaching you and preparing you for the final result.

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