The Most Painful Word Someone Has Ever Called Me
Tiffany Sun

You know, I have seen a whole ot of women make the same mistake — — try to please their men by becoming their servants — then get disappointing because their man is treating them like one. Unfortunately you are not the only woman that has forgotten all about herself in order to please a man.. while forgetting that the woman we fell in love with- was not tring to catoer to each and every one of our whims — — you try your best to change in order to make us happy- while in fact it was the un-changed you that we oved… the one that serves us… simply becomes a servant

I am not saying it is right — but that is the way we are made — — if you become a servant- we will expect you to be one…. if you wear a miniskirt and a push-up bra… we will look at you like a sexual object because that is what you have made yourself into…. NO matter how hard you try (or how hard we try) — we will never be able to process, or fully understand your emotions and behaviors…. we are simple animals who act and think according to what they see — we do not look for a deeper meaning in small acts

Besides- and I have to ask this…. the description you gave of him… smart. Confident. Strong. Playful. Ambitious — sensitive….. and chineese — — sounds like the guy fitted perfectly with some sort of a checklist you had about what the ideal man should be like???? Didf you really think that a perdon that fits perfectly into some sort of a list would be the real deal??? Do you girls even have an idea how much damage are you causing yourself with those ideas — going check-by-check. in what you think you are looking for — instead of paying attention to what the person next to you is really like////