The “More-ness” of Privilege
Joel Leon.

you know.. I simply have to

For starters, I am not a white man from the US…. so I belong to about the 95% of the worlds population that does not have your issues…. which means that when anyone uses “white man” as a generalization I get offended.

for starters, I am from the Balkans, and I am going to make you a 7 to 1 bet that any black, minority, immigrant character in the US has had a much easier ride in the past 30 years than a “white privileged” man from my region who has somehow managed to survive ethnic cleansing, torture, starvation, wars and all those nice things that the “suffering minorities” in the US know nothing about

Then there is the fact that all sorts of groups , black, Hispanic, women, homosexual, get horribly offended when a white person starts generalizing, saying that “all blacks are..” or “all women…” I suppose that even the author of the text would be quite offended if I compared him with an UN-educated illiterate character from sub=-Saharan Africa who knows nothing more than to count his cows on one hand just because they have the same skin color. — so why should it be ok to accept “all white men….” ???

Besides, as an outside observer, (at least in the past 15 to 17 years during which I have been getting in and out of the states) I have not seen any other group be afraid to ask for more…. so, why is it a problem if a white man does it????

Or is every white man on the planet supposed to suffer and feel bad because some white men from the west , 200 or 300 years ago, took as slaves, the people- who, at the time, were taking slaves themselves?

My family never owned any slaves… 99% of white poeple’s families never owned any slaves… there is the same ratio of slave owners, in history with every race .. so why are you singling only one out

I am not trying to be cynical or ironic… I am literary asking these questions… why do you stick us all in one basket when you do not want the same thing done to you?

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