Senator Leaves Behind a Legacy

University of Nevada, Reno, Reynolds School of Journalism ASUN Senator Sadie Fienberg

ASUN Senator for Reynolds School of Journalism, Sadie Fienberg is preparing to graduate from the comfortability of the j-school. Being in the j-school, Sadie grew accustom to being on first name basis with everyone, including her professors.

Sadie loves the level of comfortability, amazing vibe, and the great dynamic in the building. It is obvious that she is at homein the j-school. She will even walk around without wearing her shoes.

“I look forward to every week when I stand up in front of the class and show my creative work,” Sadie said “because there is this: this is good but this is bad.”

Aside from the comfort of Reynolds School of Journalism, journalism has taught Sadie to take criticism from her professors as help and not as a personal attack. In doing so, Sadie has developed a very casual relationship with each of her professors. She confidently said that her professors have helped her to grow so she isn’t worried about finding work after school.

as Sadie graduates this spring she will leave the legacy of the j-school. However, Sadie plans to leave behind her legacy as part of the school.

Sadie, as ASUN Senator, has consistently been voting on behalf of her constituents. Voting this way is important for Sadie because listening to her constituents requires her to reconsider actions, teaching her to step outside of the situation and look at it from a different perspective.

Thinking about her constituents has made her a trustworthy senator. Putting herself into the eyes of her fellow journalism students made her a reliable senator. Sadie wants the next ASUN Senator of Reynolds School of Journalism to be involved with the school just as she has.

“You can not be a senator and not be involved in anything else,” Sadie said, “When I think of all the senators that I sit with at the table; we are all senators, we are all involved in at least one club, most of us are part of Greek Life, we all have jobs, and we all don’t get sleep.”

ASUN Senate

When the next senator runs into trouble, Sadie wants them to think back to what has been working for her. Following the model of previous senators contributes to success as a senator. Whenever Sadie is doing something she thinks about the success of the people before her. She has found success in learning from others actions.

“That’s what I want to leave,” Sadie said, “confidence in students’ minds that they can get things done because of how other people have done it.”