Looking for tasty Pi? Learn about it with other teachers!

Raspberry Pi is now more prolific than ever, yet many are still wondering how to use this technology in the classroom. EdTech products seek to address gaps in computer science education, yet the gap is wide and as a society, we are obligated to help the next generation prepare for jobs that do not exist today that revolve around technology. To achieve this, QPi Education seeks to improve accessibility to high-impact technology courses so that anybody can develop skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and reasoning through hands-on programming activities and tinkering.

Albert provides encouragement to a high school student from De Anza High School on his code for his robot car

Challenges around classroom management, cost, and technical experience can hinder computer science education, but QPi Education aims to alleviate those issues. QPi Education helps educators of all backgrounds engage their students to code with hands-on projects. Our mission is to inspire youth to be creators of technology.

Our first workshop attracted educators and students from five different schools and after school enrichment programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Everybody came in with varying levels of computer science backgrounds and at the end, everybody built robot cars that could be controlled from the code they wrote.

Moments like these start building teacher confidence to teach new technologies in the classroom and bring more EdTech products in the hands of their students. Their inspiration and growth in confidence is what we at QPi Education want to see in the students’ eyes.

Our workshop aims at connecting teachers from different backgrounds to learn and create with these hands-on projects. We know that the solution to fixing the education gap is to bring a diverse group of motivated educators who can engage students in the newest and coolest technologies. The support of teachers, when equipped with the right tools, will help propel the fast adoption of new EdTech products in the industry.

Angela and Denise, local science teachers from Pinole Valley and Mountain View, share their successes together making a robot car come to life

Visit our website to learn more about QPi Education. Are you interested in signing up for a workshop or considering hosting a pilot? If you or you know somebody who would be interested, please sign up! If you have any questions, contact us at info@qpieducation.com and we would love to answer any questions you may have!

Special thanks to UC Berkeley and LAUNCH — UC Startup Accelerator for the continued support through this #startup journey in changing how computer science education is delivered to students!