Pinole Valley High School Meets Raspberry Pi Robotics

Students at Pinole Valley High School Learning about Functions for the Robot Car

Pinole Valley High School, a public high school in Pinole, California, piloted QPi Education’s Raspberry Pi curriculum in May 2018. QPi Education worked with the science and engineering teacher, Ms. Angela Johnson, in 10th grade science. Although the school already had Raspberry Pi, QPi Education brought new content that could expand upon the existing Raspberry Pi kit.

Ms. Johnson came to QPi Education’s educator workshop at UC Berkeley to learn about Raspberry Pi and its separate use cases. After attending the workshop, she eagerly wanted to bring this to her class of 24 students. Through the two weeks full-time her class went through the material, the students went from novices at Raspberry Pi to masters of their own creations. As the pilot came to a close, Ms. Johnson shared her thoughts.

Sometimes when I get activities from the web or from workshops it does not come with training, equipment and company support. I found the QPi Education team to be very helpful; they provided much more than I anticipated. I would work with them at any time in the future without hesitation.
Students Learning Together about Electronics for the Robot Car

With the 2017–2018 academic year winding down at Pinole Valley High School, Ms. Johnson was excited to pilot it in her class and see high level of student engagement. As both QPi Education and Ms. Johnson look ahead to Fall 2018, Pinole Valley High School’s Ms. Johnson wants to expand the curriculum and use of QPi Education’s material in her classroom.

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