Successful Pilot for STEM and Computer Science: Manzanita Charter Middle School

Mr. Kumar working with three Manzanita students on assembling their robot car — Courtesy of Manzanita Middle Charter School

Manzanita Charter Middle School, a public charter school in Richmond, California, started piloting QPi Education’s curriculum in 2017 and integrated the content into their technology and art curriculum. QPi Education worked closely with Mr. Kumar Nemani and his 7th and 8th graders in classroom sizes of about 20 students each. With the support of QPi Education’s curriculum and materials, he said the following.

“The manual and course structure they built made the implementation and integration of Computer Science education to 7th and 8th graders not only easy but fun and entertaining.They team up with the teacher and consider the school problem as theirs and try to help and solve it.” — Mr. Kumar Nemani

Each student expressed an interest on the hands-on learning and were exposed to new engineering concepts and realized how all of the lessons applied to the real world around them. Students at the end of the pilot were excited and even took pictures together with their robot cars.

Two Manzanita students excited to see their robot car come together!— Photo Courtesy of Manzanita Charter Middle School

Mr. Nemani told QPi that he is excited to implement the Raspberry Pi curriculum for his new students in the next year! We look forward to keep working with Manzanita Charter Middle School.

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