Summer School at St. Thomas Apostle School with Robotics

St. Thomas students beginning on their journey to learning engineering and science topics with Raspberry Pi!

The learning doesn’t stop in the summer at St. Thomas Apostle School, an elementary school in San Francisco, where elementary school students are working across multiple classrooms over a variety of disciplines. This valuable time is spent to enrich students before they come back to the school year in August. Even the school’s student alumni return to volunteer and support the continued education of these attending students. The wonderful robotics facilitators, Gerry Maddalozzo and Helen Gee, brought a robotics class to the students this summer. Their goal was to excite all the children to be curious and inventive towards electronics and technology. From small projects like a vibrating toothbrush head to CD wheel to our Raspberry Pi product, they thought of a wide variety of projects to excite and engage the students’ intellect. Helen, a previous attendee of a previous QPi Education educator workshop, was eager to introduce the our flagship Raspberry Pi product with the students for their summer program.

After using the product for several weeks, Gerry and Helen were able to get their students to build the robot car and have students drive them around. Some students even got to drive them autonomously using an ultrasonic sensor! By stretching and exposing children at a young age to computing topics and programming in Python, while in a fun and exciting way, enriched each students’ experience in the classroom. Gerry said, at the end of the pilot, “I can integrate QPi Education’s material into my classroom this Fall. It is great to continue building student interest in science and engineering.”

At the end, the students gave us these wonderful thank you cards to show their appreciation for bringing this program to them. We will continue our relationship with St. Thomas Apostle this upcoming Fall for their students as we continue to develop more content and material to excite students about technology! Thanks for having us and we look forward to another exciting year!

We say thank you too from QPi Education!

Thank you for following our summer pilot program series with QPi Education! We have a few more in the works as other schools and programs we have worked with are wrapping up with our product. We cannot wait to share this with you and thank you for following along on our startup journey!

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