Crayola To Retire “Dandelion” Colored Crayon After Pressure From White House
Allan Ishac

I thought our lefties in the UK were big enough hypocrites but it seems that the ones in the US outstrip them by a country mile, I guess among the alleged humour that suits your bias no one has though about why a child would have been exposed to so much political vitriol and negativity at such a young age. Regardless of your political standpoint it’s pretty disgusting to teach a child to focus on the colour of someones skin and use it as an object of derision, if it had been done to your last President would it have been so funny, or would you all be screaming racist, at the top of your voices? Children of that age should not be politicised and to do so is raising a generation of political pygmies who will never believe there is another version of events or way of thinking other than that of their parents.

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