The Basic Working Principle Of Mixing Station

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Mixing station has 5 various raw materials, particularly sand, stone, cement and powdered water, admixture and liquid admixtures. Each of these 5 materials weighs in at a particular of resources according to the ratio of concrete.

Following this step, aggregates will be conveyed to the waiting warehouse through the belt conveyor or hopper, the powder will be transported to the weighing hopper, and after the weighing, the cement and fly ash will be sent to the mixing console, and water and additive admixture will be pumped to the weighing hopper, and after the weighing process, they will be discharged to the mixing console.

Firstly, should mix the powder and admixture, and then discharge the aggregate to the mixing console and begin the second mixing. After having a specific time mixing, the concrete is stirring properly. All those concrete was dedicated to mixing pickup truck under concrete batching plant and sent on the wanted site.

In addition, for mixing console, there are twin shaft concrete mixer, planetary concrete mixer and double spiral belt concrete mixer for your selection.

The two main option elements around the panel. A class is auxiliary factors doing auxiliary operate of starting up the belts and host, management bells, thick pumps, vibrators, broken arch. Along with the other is to conduct producing concrete, taking part in the function of making elements, feeding, issuing the concrete.

When these elements are pushed, collection bundle was electric. The contacts move, pushing the corresponding engine job. In the same manner, after the solenoid valve is full of energy, high-pressure gas drives the piston, and driving a vehicle shipping and delivery entrance for opening and closing functioning.

Single nick microcomputer provides the exact same work as operations panel. At some point, it would deliver electric powered indicators to produce get in touch with and cylinder doing work.

Although the single chip microcomputer process is auto. It works with weight signal and delivery entrance transmission from the sensing unit by using handle application, then make a judgement and swiftly providing electric instructions signs to regulate the mixing method. Additionally, it scales the information body weight, exhibiting within the related spot for the proprietor to look at.

If the process is abnormal, such as certain switch is not in place, the single chip will show the fault indication. Computer get relationship with mini control by way of serial interaction port. The main functionality is finalizing consumption of materials. With all the enhancement of software program, a lot more functions will likely be additional.

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