In this human life, we seek for truth. We seek for the Truth. Everything we do, ever person we see as our own mirror, every feeling, every song.

I spent years discovering an image of what’s right, what’s enlightened. I stayed away from rock music because it embodied adolescent indulgent angst. I distanced myself from friends living in the numbed slumber of self-satisfaction. I marveled at the clouds, silver across the everblue California sky. I embraced and found home in the heartful and heavy struggle of souls in knowing pursuit of completion.

To find now that the light of enlightenment in fact exists in all that is — sadness, joy, angst, excitement, jazz, murder, trees, cancer, strawberries. Shutting out and pulling toward different directions is but the artifact of the bittersweet duality of a constrained reality. One that only gains in loss.

Altogether is Truth. No amount of language can string a sentence that represents it. Simply put, it is [ ]. It just is.