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There are many questions which pop in the minds of people who apply for a job regarding their CV. Does their CV meet the standard the recruiters expect? Whether the information listed is too monotonous or too brief? But most of all: do their CV contain the extra flair required to stand out in the sea of Curriculum Vitae that seep in when a post is announced vacant?

Your CV (or Resume, if you will) is the proclamation of your skills and abilities to the world.

Is it?


Your CV is a piece of paper that grabs the momentary attention of a university recruiter or company HR. On an average, the interviewer reviews a submitted Curriculum Vitae for six seconds. That is all it takes the interviewer to make up his mind. So it is quite possible that your nationality, marital status and sex is probably the only thing that an interviewer gets a look at before the imminent rejection. …

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Your CV (or Resume, if you will) is the proclamation of your skills and abilities to the world. And yet, it is often neglected and shelved for the last moment by young career professionals. When the hand-me-down format belonging to an elder brother or a peer seems uninteresting and dismal, the last resort for an assumably reliable and quick solution is the Internet. And herein start the woes.

People often tend to underestimate the importance of the documents associated with their portfolio. These documents make sure that you get selected where you desire to work, whether be it for an internship or a permanent position. This lack of awareness and shortage of time usually forces the frantic candidate to unwittingly search for CV or Resume templates online. They then gratuitously substitute the details under the respective columns. It slips through the mind of the applicant that majority of the other applicants make their Curriculum Vitae this way. …

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You have been working very hard to develop the skill-set necessary for bagging the dream job or admission to the dream university. However, it is all about how you present your portfolio to your imminent employer or recruiter. It all comes to that in the end. So, why leave it to chance?

Qrato provides you with an interactive platform to create your job or university application that stands out from the crowd. With the help of our dedicated team of curators, you can create a perfectly worded and comprehensive portfolio that does justice to your skills and projects them well. …

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