The Recruiter Checklist : Do you make the cut?

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There are many questions which pop in the minds of people who apply for a job regarding their CV. Does their CV meet the standard the recruiters expect? Whether the information listed is too monotonous or too brief? But most of all: do their CV contain the extra flair required to stand out in the sea of Curriculum Vitae that seep in when a post is announced vacant?

Your CV (or Resume, if you will) is the proclamation of your skills and abilities to the world.

Is it?


Your CV is a piece of paper that grabs the momentary attention of a university recruiter or company HR. On an average, the interviewer reviews a submitted Curriculum Vitae for six seconds. That is all it takes the interviewer to make up his mind. So it is quite possible that your nationality, marital status and sex is probably the only thing that an interviewer gets a look at before the imminent rejection.

Your portfolio is supposed to satiate the whims of your recruiter and hence hit all the check-boxes that particular recruiter of that particular firm is looking for. Each vacant position requires and focuses on certain skill set and unless those pop out and hit, there is a slim chance that one can get through. Mentioning your navigational skills rather than emphasizing on your vast experience in different Linux environments while applying for a position of a system administrator is not advisable. Also mentioning your fluency in an out of date software instead of emphasizing the current software they are learning and working is not beneficial.

There are many other factors which an applicant usually has to keep in mind but tend to neglect. Above all, the major task is binding all the relevant information with fluent and relevant diction language. The correct flow and targeted information play a major role in the evaluation of your CV. The sought out information by the recruiter must be present in the plain sight and linked to all the other key elements in a concise format.

Do you think you can hit the right chord when the time comes?

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