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You have been working very hard to develop the skill-set necessary for bagging the dream job or admission to the dream university. However, it is all about how you present your portfolio to your imminent employer or recruiter. It all comes to that in the end. So, why leave it to chance?

Qrato provides you with an interactive platform to create your job or university application that stands out from the crowd. With the help of our dedicated team of curators, you can create a perfectly worded and comprehensive portfolio that does justice to your skills and projects them well. With details furnished by and a continuous dialogue, our curators will provide you with a CV, Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement (as the case may be) suited specifically for a particular application.

Qrato also allows you to maintain your portfolio, wherein you can upload the details of your various new endeavours and it gets automatically updated to your pre-existing portfolio. So now you can sit back and relax and work on your skills rather than worry about your application. All talk and no trousers, you think? Why don’t you check out our services through our website?

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Qrato provides a one-stop interactive platform to create the perfect first impression for your job or university application.

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