ROM Hacking for Fun (and Profit?): Part 1

Prashan Dharmasena
Jan 18, 2015 · 8 min read

Now this is where the fun begins!

We now know a lot of really useful stuff and can start messing around. Let’s change Seth’s first item to 0x35 and see what it does!

By increasing Seth’s bow weapon rank (in this case to the max), he can now attack with the Ballista we gave him.


Messing around with the memory values is pretty neat. This is actually how GameSharks and ActionReplays work. This can also be applied to any kind of game, regardless of platform. Of course, you’d have to find different tools to do the job, but the concepts are the same. Reading memory is also how a lot of bots for PC games work. From a runtime perspective, reverse-engineering the game and reading data from memory is a lot faster than trying to process what’s on the screen.

Thanks to Alex Ricardo Durán and Jonathan Kau

    Prashan Dharmasena

    Written by

    Software Engineer @Square, @Cal CS '17

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