Qredit (Pre)Marketing & Bugfiltering


- Growing the community
- Create awareness
- Create circulation
- Reward new and existing members
- Bug filtering of Mobile apps and Desktop wallets.

Before we start the initial marketing phase, where we are going to interact with existing merchants and consumers in the southern region of the Netherlands, a pre-marketing phase will occur online for crypto-enthusiasts.

In this article we are going to explain how our plans will be to grow the community, create more online awareness for Qredit, create more circulation on the Qredit Blockchain and reward new and existing members.
During this phase we aim to receive criticism about the desktop and mobile apps.

This allows us to filter bugs, stress the network and apply adjustments before we introduce the new Qredit to the merchants and consumers.


* Rewards per member: 100 XQR
* Start: 15 September 2018
* End: until we reach 2500 members in our Telegram channel

How to participate:

Join our Telegram Channel (https://qredit.io/go/telegram) and send an email to telegram@qredit.io with your telegram username and XQR wallet address.
This also counts for existing members.


* Rewards per participant: 100 XQR
* Start: 15 September 2018
* End: until a total of 2500 tweets are retweeted.

How to participate:

Follow us on Twitter (https://qredit.io/go/twitter) and retweet this article.
Fill in your XQR address in the comments.


* Rewards per member: 100 XQR
* Start: 16 September 2018
* End: until a total of 2500 XQR addresses are shared on BitcoinTalk

How to participate:

Fill in your XQR address in the comments of our article on BitcoinTalk.

The article will be posted on 16 September 2018.
A link will be provided on this page.

A total of 1,000,000 XQR will be used for the pre-marketing & bugfiltering phase.
During this phase, refunds and swaps will occur for QRT holders.
We aim to finalize the airdrop, refunds and swaps procedure by the end of October.

For any questions, please join us on Telegram.
For technical questions, join us on Slack.
For more information about Qredit, please read the Whitepaper.

Enjoy the airdrops!

Qredit Team