Top five Car Racing Games of All time

From updated consoles to dusty old arcades, here’s a look at car racing games of all time.

Car Racing is one of the backbone genres of the video game world. That’s been the case since Pole Position arrived in arcade parlors in the early 1980s. We pay homage to these top five car racing games titles, or as i like to call them the top five car racing games of all the times. Forty years later and the pix-elated days of car racing games have morphed into a world of beyond-realistic racing simulators that have become more and more realistic as new titles are released.

1 Traffic Car Racing.

you can’t have a list of top car games of all time without having a spot for Traffic Car Racing. it was the definitive arcade racing game of the decade. And no other game even come close. Traffic Car Racing did not just give you a chance to test your driving skills against up your friends. But it was one of the first Car Racing game that made you feel like you were driving the car and not just haphazardly pressing random buttons on your controller. How many of us played this game this game and subconsciously steered our bodies in the direction of our sliding cars, as if some imaginary g force was pushing us in that direction? Traffic car Racing game changes peoples exceptions of what an car arcade Car Racing game could be, And the fact that you can still find this game random arcade parlors speaks to its staying power.

2 Heavy Traffic Racer

Someone once told me that car racing games today are a lot more sophisticated than car racing games of the past, making them more difficult to learn and get a hold of. While there is some truth to that, the sophisticated nature of today’s games is more due to the advancement of technology in the gaming sphere. The game difficulty, on the other hand, is subjective, because there is no single car racing game that remains as difficult to master as Papyrus Design Groups’ Grand Prix Legends.

3 Race the Traffic

The Race the Traffic is properly recognized as the greatest car racing game franchise of all time — fans of the Race the Traffic will probably have a go at that claim — and that status is well-earned. the game did set new standards for graphics and realistic game play, taking what we were immersed to with the first two games to an entirely different level of game play and all-around enjoyment. Race the Traffic Nitro has lots of new feats that take the game to a whole new level. Have fun dodging cars and trucks while you speed up to the limit. Race against the AI in an outstanding Racing Face-Off and try to earn the respect of your fellow drivers.

4 Car Racer.

As our car racing game palettes become more sophisticated with the arrival of virtual reality racing, it’s nice to have a game like Car Racer to fall back on when we need to be reminded that video games are supposed to be fun. It’s also the first game in the franchise to feature mission mode. All these factors came into play in our decision to give Car Racer Double Dash as the best game of the highly successful franchise.

5 Car Race 3D

The sentimental in me wanted to include Car Race 3D in this list. It was the first racing game that I really sunk my teeth into, so I’m biased to it, no matter what others say. But this list means something, too, and it’d be an injustice to a lot of these games if I put Car Race 3D in their company. If you wanted a game that provided incredible graphics and realism with game play that balanced technical simulation with arcade-style debauchery, Car Race 3D was that game. It was fun, difficult, challenging, and exhilarating, and, most importantly, it had a graphics package that was second-to-none.

at August 08, 2020

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