“Meet Marco!”

Hi, my name is Marco Smith. I’m a 18 yr old African American who has neutral views when it comes to anything contraversial. I live in a small town called midway where it seems like everyone never leaves but the ones who went to college. I know right typical. Round here every has a hustle from doing hair out of their homes or apartments or to trying to be an upcoming rapper. Me I’m just confused. I like music, been in band for 7 years and loved every minute of it, I like to cook currently attending a culinary school which is awesome by the way. I have two brothers who I love dearly. I’m not the most affectionate person but sone people think I’m cold-hearted, which I’m not I’m just an Aquarius. Yes I love my sigh we are emotional creature but yet we tend to hide our feeling due to the fact that we must feel independent at all times. We are also people with valued opinions as we don’t kust see one side we analyze both sides to get an better understanding. Like I said we are neutral creatures. It amazed me that when is went to go look up by birth sign how much it describes me down to my emotions, but I must say I have a dark mind when it comes to me getting angry. My face remains lifeless but my mind races with so many vivid fantasies of me getting revenge. My mind has a fantasy with me feeling like superman and throwing things with one arm, punching objects and people. Well that’s enough of me more of me will be revealed as I publish my wild and crazy adventure called life!

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