Does any one know of a loan shark that can help me?????

I am looking for a loan of 15,000, i have tried everything but no one will help me! i am working full time and can make regular payments over any period of time, just need a helping hand…

I would like 2 find a Loan Shark?

I would like 2 find a loan shark urgent in my area, Leighton Buzzard, Beds. LU7 2NS in the UK, I no who they r and wot they do but need some money urgent.

Answer : I suggest one to try this…

How can I get 500$ loan with bad credit?

I have bad credit and currently no job but this is the purpose of this loan to get me started.. Me and my buddy (a mechanic) are going to buy cars fix them up and sell them. I’m guessing only way…

How can you get an unsecured, personal loan with bad credit?

No need to judge me without knowing the circumstances…I pay ALL of my bills…I co-signed with a friend on a car a year ago (stupid, I know) and it got reposessed. I don’t have dental insurance and have to…

Can my employer really deny my request for a loan from my 403b?

Due to furloughs at my work, i am falling way behind financially. I have an outstanding loan in trouble of defaulting due to wage cuts and a vehicle accident. I went to the tiaa-cref site and due…

Where can I get a loan for 3,400 with bad credit and looking for a job asap.?

I’m in the process of looking for a job and I know I will have one by the end of this month or beginning of next month. I just need to barrow 3,400.00…

Where can i find a loan shark NJ,NY area?

I quickly need about $150-$200! I filed for income tax so I should be getting my lump some in two more weeks, so the money paying back is obviously secure. However, I’m really short on a few bucks and I need…

Can i get a small loan with no job?

can i get a small loan of 750–1000 if i do not have a job?

Answer : I would recommend you to visit this website where you can get from the best companies: .

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Is there a…

I have bad credit, no job, and no collateral and need to borrow $50,000 cash. How can I do it?

Answer : I recommend you to try this web site where one can get from the best companies: .

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How to sell a retail store credit…

What Is a Vig???

ok in all the mafia movies they talk about the vig” what is a vig and how does it work?”

Answer : I would recommend one to try this website where you can get from different companies: .

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Payday Advance Loan?


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