Awesome post! Thank you for the insight.
Marjan Nikolovski

Hi Marjan, cheers! Glad you liked it :)

Our PH launch was last week so right now we’re doing everything we can to make the people that started trials with us as happy as we can so we can convince them to stay.

Writing an article sharing our learnings is another strategy ;)

It’ll be interesting to see what will be left of our big day a few months from now. I’ve read about other startups getting a fine amount of quality leads from Product Hunt months after they launched. Looks like PH is becoming more and more of a resource for people to find tools to boost productivity at their business (I wrote a few lines on it at the end of the post if you recall). To optimise this, we made sure to add ‘CRM’ to our title so people can easily find us. Then we’ll be looking to have Salesflare added to resourceful Product Hunt collections.

Another thing we’re considering to do is to have new meaningful features hunted as we release them.

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