Earlier this year, India unveiled the World’s First Regional Operating System,dubbed Indus OS, that quickly became a hit with the Indian population. The home grown OS, in partnership with the Government of India, is currently the second most used and installed OS on Indian Smartphones after Android. It has gained over 4 million users in just 12 months and boasts an App Marketplace that has over 300,00 apps. Not bad for a new comer.

The OS aims to address one of the developing world’s biggest challenges-to develop technology that caters to the economic, social and regional diversity and well-being. Indus is the first operating system that meets the real needs of the emerging market’s regional language speaking citizens through its innovation, simplification and localization.

Indus follows three core product areas:

1. Innovation

  • -Indus Swipe
  • -Word & Matra Prediction
  • -Text to speech
  • -Indus Messaging
  • -Auto Correction

2. Content

  • -App Bazaar
  • -Carrier Billing

3. Simplification

  • -Simple UI


Indus OS is focused on creating a regional smartphone ecosystem through Simplification, Innovation and Content. Currently the OS supports 12 regional languages: (Tamil, Odia, Assamese, Punjabi, Kannada, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and Marathi) and also English.

Indus Swipe:

-With Swipe, you can translate/transliterate text between English and regional languages

Indus Reader:

-With integrated text-speech in languages

Indus Messaging:

-With Messaging, you get free text messaging between Indus OS users.


Indus’ own App Marketplace called “App Bazaar” currently has over 300,000 apps and growing. Its content is available in all 13 languages on all Indus devices. With Carrier billing, users pay using talk-time with integrated Carrier billing Payment Gateway.

Some of the top publishers have been from both Indian and Western companies such as Snapdeal, Disney, and Truecaller.


A simple UI interface is what is present on the Indus OS. With intuitive navigation and easy access to most used apps, this OS is looking to be the portal for the next billion users.


So far the Indus OS is currently available on :

It should be noted that you cannot download the OS on any other device, as it is installed at the factory level.

In terms of region launch, the OS has been launched in India and Bangladesh so far.

It is great seeing a home grown operating system built for the people of India. This project will spark the Make in India Campaign and further develop India’s thriving economy.

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