The Tech Industry in Canada is Set to Explode in 2017

The Tech Sector in Canada is Booming.

By 2019, it’s estimated there will be 182,000 job openings in Canada’s tech sector — and no Canadians to fill them. -QZ

Canada’s Tech industry is booming, and that’s no surprise. It is a vibrant tech sector that is crying out for skilled workers.

Across Canada, 71, 000 tech companies are responsible for over 7 % of Canada’s economic output and 5.6% of Canada’s total employment.

Technology now typically employs more people than mining, oil and gas, and forestry sectors combined.

Further, recently, Google announced that it will be investing $4.5 Million over three years to support the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms research.

Machine Learning or AI, whatever you’d like to call it, has been a topic of great discussion recently, with giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft all vying for the next big thing since mobile.

Also, if you are in search of a great internship placement in Canada, there are a few options before looking elsewhere. In particular, both Toronto/GTA , Montreal, and Vancouver have seen their tech sector explode over the recent year. Some great companies to intern with and are majoring in software/computer engineering or computer science look towards these three cities for great opportunities. Below is a list of a few global companies that hire interns in Canada:

1.) Google Waterloo

2.) SAP

3.) Intel

4.) Microsoft

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