Who is Google’s CEO? Find Out!

Sundar’s rise to Google CEO is a quick one. And he did it in only 10 years. So, with him now leading Google, let’s get to know more about him.

1.) He’s not a morning person: In an interview during his time at a ReCode conference discussing the Android ecosystem, he was asked about his morning routine. From this he replied “I’m not a morning person.” During the interview he goes talking about his morning routine. He wakes up around 7am, eats breakfast around 7:30am and heads off to work. He is also a vegetarian.

2.) He is the man behind the infamous Google Chrome and Chromebooks: When Sundar arrived at Google in 2004, he suggested an idea for a new browser. He wanted Google to have its own browser as Microsoft was gaining a competitive edge with its Explorer browser. Lost traction in the browser space would mean lost ad revenue. Even though the idea wasn’t taken seriously, it still got off the ground, and is now the world’s most popular internet browser.

3.) He is an extremely friendly and popular boss: Many employees that worked under him often spoke out about his kind nature towards others, even though he held a position of power. He never looks down on others and is very calm even in the most stressful situations. An example of this is when his team were about to launch the new Chrome browser. Days before the launch, the browser leaked which caused panic within the team. Sundar stood his ground and remained calm even when his peers were not. And as a result, despite the leak, Chrome was able to have a successful launch and is now the world’s most popular browser.

4.) He Loves Sports: Sundar’s favorite sports are cricket, chess, soccer and basketball. He enjoys watching cricket on TV as well as attending a few Golden State Warriors games here and there.

5.) His Salary: Sundar became the Highest Paid CEO in the United States with an estimated compensation package of around $199 Million.

6.) He holds a degree from IIT and a MBA from Wharton: Sundar earned his bachelors of engineering degree from the infamous Indian Institute of Technology. Which is harder to get into than Harvard as they only accept less than 1% of total applications. He later went to the US and earned a MBA from Wharton School. With his MBA in hand he did management consulting at McKinsey & Company before joining Google in 2004.

7.) Took over Android in 2013: The year of 2013 marked a significant shift for Sundar. He went from VP of Product Management to SVP of Android, Apps, and Chrome. It was pretty clear that Larry Page and Mr. Brin were grooming him for the CEO position. He also oversaw Google Drive, Gmail, and Maps.

8.) Skilled at staying out of corporate politics: Pichai was skilled at staying out of politics and drama at Google. When he reported to Marissa Mayer (now Yahoo CEO) he reportedly sat outside her office for hours, if necessary, to make sure his team had good performance reviews.

9.) Android One was Sundar’s pet project: This concept aimed to deliver a low-weight Android OS to users in India that could load quickly over low bandwidths. Even though the project didn’t succeed, it did help Google gain significant traction in the Indian smartphone market.

10.) Has Insane Numerical Recall : According to a recent interview he did with Delhi University, many of his professors, and family members knew him for his ability to recall many different phone numbers. He can recall every number he has ever dialed.

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