Why After Starting my Website , I Started to Realize the Importance of Analytics and Data Collection


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Data collection has been the fore front of pretty much every news site you could think of. Major companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Apple and Amazon (to name a few) collecting data on its users for many reasons. But all we’ve heard were the negatives of data collection. Sure it’s intrusive in our every day lives, but our modern day lives wouldn’t be able to function without these companies collecting data. For example, how could YouTube recommend you new videos without collecting data? This feature has been extremely beneficial for me because I don’t have to look for what to watch next, it just shows up. Another example for you ad users. How could you target your ads to the right people to attract business without the use of data?

There are many more examples, but let’s face it, we need data collection in our modern day lives. And more frankly, we can’t get rid of it.

Now, I was never for the idea of data collection for the longest time. That was until I started my website Quadoop.com, when I realized the importance of analytics and how data collection ties in with it. Without data collection, there would be no metrics or analytics. We would never know who was coming to our site, and how we could target ads and content to specific people. We would be developing a site with no knowledge of the people who are visiting. It would be pointless.

All in all, though, the issue on data collection will never be over, it’s an ongoing topic. Especially in this new connected world of ours. I agree that companies should have limitations on its data collection privileges, but also keep in mind that without it, the technological advancements made today couldn’t have been made without it.

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